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Day 6: Update your Resume

August 23, 2011

The Art of Manliness post

Last night, I went to bed at 10:30ish, 10:30ish! because I felt tired from weeks of inadequate rest and I wanted to be adequately rested. Now here I am again not resting adequately but excited for today/yesterday’s step towards being a better man. Although the theoretical/political/philosophical implications of this entire project of becoming a better “man” are the interest of my friend who inspired this undertaking and not mine, I will note that at six days in, I think most of these recommendations are just as helpful to women as they are to men. Even the ways in which a man can improve his testosterone are good for the general health and wellness of women.
Day 6’s post branches off into three areas – 1) Networking, because the post brings that separate activity up early on; 2) Content changes to the resume; and 3) Cosmetic changes to the resume.

The Art of Manliness’s Network like a Man

Step 1 – I’m not currently looking for work, but I think my mentality is in the right place. I’m living at home until the end of the month and I’ve bumped into a few classmates from high school either intentionally or unintentionally. I’ve been interested to hear about their situations and share mine. Most of them haven’t left the state/don’t plan to so they’re good for learning more about Boston but are uninterested in Chicago and uninformed about Austin.

I’m big on creating the conditions for reciprocity – the people I have seen made high school a more or less pleasant experience for me and whenever possible, I have tried to share my job hunt resources in the past two months.

I could be more productive with my time although I have been feeling good about the amount of work I finish at the office every day. This Manliness project has also been very good for doing things (like reviewing and updating my resume) for me.

Step 2 – Networking tools

LinkedIn – check.

Facebook – check, although not really for professional networking purposes.

Twitter – check, see previous.

YouTube – I have an account for videos from concerts.

Blogging – besides this year’s blog, I have last year’s and last summer’s. Last summer’s is pretty good for eating recommendations in Chicago.

The Handshake – of course the AOM has a separate post just about the handshake. It’s pretty short and sweet. I’ve been complimented on mine and I enjoy handshakes.

The Phone Conversation – I’ve been using this a lot more in the past two weeks.

Business cards – I don’t have these although it seems like the VISTAs working on college campuses might be getting them depending on the office they’re working for/with. I don’t think I need to spend this money just yet. I do try to collect business cards from others.

The Resume and Cover Letter – working on the former!

Step 3 – I’m actually going to skip the appearance bit for times of actual job-hunting and return to the day’s task at hand.


Updating my resume:

Linked video tutorial and article – the instructor is not dressed very professionally. I’m not sure I’m sold on the objective in the resume when the objective can/should also be in the cover letter. I think the qualifications recommendation isn’t bad, but seems like something to be customized according to the position I’m applying to. Like the man said at the end of his lesson, pretty basic stuff.  As advertised, this article is fine but geared towards people who are writing their first resume or their first one in a while. It’s not as insightful as the usual writing I expect from AOM.

The tips

1-2. Took care of brainstorming, updating, and tightening right before I headed off to pre-service orientation.
3. I’ve been using a format I came up with since the beginning but I did make a few changes to how dates are presented based on my father’s recommendation.
4. Hmm. My resume is lacking in specific numbers and I don’t have that kind of data/that data doesn’t seem very impressive because most of my existing experience is from short internships. The language is not bad in terms of being concrete. Definitely a tip to keep in mind for the future. EDIT: See #5.

Then I did a search for 6 words that make resumes suck from the additional reading. None of them were in my resume. Yay!

5. Began to read my resume outloud. Became discontent with lack of numbers and dug up the report I did on my own work for my PR internship last summer. Began to pull data. The current job will wait until I have more data. Kicking myself for not having the numbers on my first internship. Finish reading outloud.

My own tip for everyone is to keep some sort of record or journal of what you do at work. This comes in handy when you need to check back on something you did, write a report for yourself or your boss, and when you are updating your resume.

6. Facelift – see Cosmetic changes.

7. “Create digital copies” – of course.


Finally, we arrive at Cosmetic changes:

7 deadly sins of resume design – avoided.

1. I like my typeface – Palatino Linotype although I don’t think Times New Roman is that bad.
2. The condemnation of indentation actually led to a pretty dramatic (as dramatic as resume reformatting can get) change in where my locations and lengths of time go in proximity to each other.
3.  Getting fancy now with horizontal rules. And…a little too fancy, particularly when their older version Word instructions don’t match Word 2007. I’m trying underlining. Also, this page’s permission to use grey text is contradicted by the 7 deadly sins’ page.
4. Getting a little picky here – there are quotes in resumes? I can space out my all caps. En dashes vs. hyphens – really?


All in all, a good exercise in professional resume housekeeping although I’m sure the resume will have to change for the next time I’m actually looking for work…

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