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Taking Care of Business

September 2, 2011

Ok, so this weekend is Labor Day weekend and there is a lot of labor to be done! Verb tense will be inconsistent throughout as I update this post at various times over the course of the long weekend.

Thursday, 3:30PM onward…

First trip to new apartment since signing the lease revealed a newly painted and cleaned unit, as beautiful as I remember it and a very nice landlord. Good! However, there is some key confusion to be cleared up.

Bumped into TBarz’s best friend from Philly and discovered that she was doing City Year! TBarz was promptly called and chastised for neglecting this critical piece of information.

Family minivan was loaded with the first round of things – new IKEA bed, mattress, bedding, detergent…there will be three rounds of moving this weekend but I am not concerned about leaving things behind when I will be returning home for the Fall Harvest/Moon Festival the very next weekend.

Loan Forbearance requests have been made through the My AmeriCorps portal. Will follow up with lenders in coming weeks.

Around midnight: attending to personal emails from the middle of the month. I need to wake up in five hours. Do I respond to one more?

I do. and then I look at job listings at NPR on a whim and once again (many the fifth time this week) regret that I don’t want to give up my spot at UT Austin, at least not enough. Even just this first month of work has made me feel much more confident about finding work. Will getting a JD preclude development, events planning, and PR?

Friday morning –

Have an unfortunate standoff with my mother about i-banking jobs. Go to apartment, try all six keys – all six keys work! Yes! We have apartment access!

Go to work, ignore how overwhelming the oncoming event is, realize that I will have to do work over the weekend. Leave early because I asked for a half day to move things. Meet Dad at Kendall and drive to JP. Traffic is terrible on Mass Ave. but things clear up once we’re past Northeastern. Dad is a bit appalled at the demographics of the neighborhood but that’s why he lives in a central Mass suburb.

Things are taken upstairs. Mom is picked up. We head home. Everyone gets wicked sleepy around Framingham because of our early start so we pull into the rest stop plaza and discover that McCafe coffee is actually quite delicious.

Home now, packing stuff for tomorrow’s trip.

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  1. September 3, 2011 11:14 am

    Apartment pics?

  2. Bro 'Gos permalink
    September 4, 2011 12:10 am

    I’m n ot a capitalist or anything, but i-Banking jobs, ftw.

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