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Taking Care of Business 2

September 5, 2011

Foolhardily still awake at 1AM – can I blame my involuntary car napping and swigs of surprisingly delicious McCafe coffee?

But look at how I am powering through all the emails in one of my inboxes. While listening to music recommended by Adele and admiring a cute panel of the entire Harry Potter series (credit for the latter goes to a friend of a friend). An empty inbox is a beautiful thing.


At Logan airport early in the morning to pick up a family friend and then off to the apartment for round 2 of moving in – Nick is nice enough to put together my IKEA bed for me while Dad and I bring in other things. Start populating the beautiful kitchen with my things. Leave for home.

Big brunch in beautiful house on Spring Street. Nick jumps right in to help, eager to learn the ways of our talented hostess.

Got picked up from said brunch by Bear and Bird for some lounging in the sun by the lake. Departed a few hours later to help Mom manage the controlled chaos of cooking for tree-cutting men and the second party of the day. Then back to the lake for more Bananagrams and listening to the waves with friends from high school.


I almost slept for 12 hours and had an action adventure dream. Also woke up sore all over and had to do some yoga stretches. Family and guest returned from church and we had lunch. More shopping for the apartment ensued – Target and Walmart followed by local ice cream. So tired of shopping for apartment things. So tired of apartment living already.

Minivan is once again full of stuff. So tired of stuff. Doing work work at 1AM Sunday night. I know my boss doesn’t expect me to work over the long weekend, least of all at this time of night, but I’d rather be on top of my work than be behind.

Speaking of being behind, I haven’t been attending to becoming a better man but I do already have a budget spreadsheet on my desktop (AOM’s 30 Days to a Better Man – Day 16). If I find myself actually using my rudimentary budget sheet, I may investigate the suggested budget templates.

I can’t remember if I said I was putting Day 15 off until Monday night dinner in the new apartment, but I am.

As for Day 17, my job demands that I talk and work with strangers on an almost daily basis but I will strive to have more meaningful interactions with them. I’ve certainly made a lot of new friends in the past month thanks to AmeriCorps!

You probably won’t hear from me Monday because I will be busy putting my apartment in order before the start of a super busy week. However, I will try to get new apartment photos up by next weekend!

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