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Weekend Adventure: Porter Square to Harvard Square

September 15, 2011

A.HA pointed out at our potluck Monday that I haven’t been keeping up with my food-blogging and I assured her that I had something for her to see – so here goes!

This past weekend, I sojourned to Porter Square in Cambridge/Somerville for the Porter Exchange Mall. I was expected a small Japan-town based off the smart recommendations of my favorite Boston food blog, Tiny Urban Kitchen.

There was this big red windmill right by the station that I didn't try to take a picture of because it was so tall and there was a tree in the way and I didn't want to look *too* much like a tourist

Immediate impression: very charming. And the Porter Exchange Mall was only about a block or two away from the Red Line, inside the first floor of a Lesley University Building. The main only draw is the Japanese Food Court. I later learned online that the university had not kept the Japanese supermarket that used to attract more visitors.

This made me laugh - I tell people aquariums make me hungry

There were lines for Cafe Mami and Sapporo Ramen – the two eating establishments that I had been most interested in patronizing. I wandered away into the Japanese wares store to while away the time but my hunger brought me back and I settled on eating at Tampopo instead.

Chef Cat!

Tampopo had a lot of big glossy photos of their food and the big dish of Spicy Chicken Karaage next to my head beckoned.

The Spicy Chicken Karaage came as part of a meal with miso soup, salad (dressed with this curious vinegar-cream mixture that wasn’t bad but wasn’t recognizable), and white rice. It was a disappointment because I had been expecting crispy tempura-like pieces rather than the soggy outer covering I encountered. I’m not sure if the sogginess was because of the sweet and spicy sauce I had requested or if the chef was negligent. Service was very good despite the food – now I can see why the people went en masse for Cafe Mami and Sapporo Ramen. $9 for everything.


I’ve walked from neighborhood to neighborhood in Chicago, but Boston is smaller and even more walkable. Eschewing the bus and T, I decided to stroll down Mass Ave. towards Harvard Square and found myself on the Cambridge Common/Green? in possibly less than an hour.

At Harvard, I was able to take part in a meal-packing project with the Harvard Humanist Chaplaincy and met a bunch of nice Tufts undergrads and Harvard grad students. A great Sunday, a 9/11 well-spent.

This is only the first of two sets of stairs at the Porter Station - Cambridge must be on a hill?

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  1. Da 'Gos of Rosh Hashanah Past permalink
    September 15, 2011 12:30 pm


  2. C-LICIOUS permalink
    September 16, 2011 10:17 pm

    Can’t wait for the post about our adventure(s).

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