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Day 22 & 23 & 24: Posture, Manual Skill, and Play

September 18, 2011

Day 22: Art of Manliness post

This has actually been a pretty bad weekend for posture. Not too sure why considering my poor posture has improved markedly in the past two years. Perhaps the office job is catching up to me? Anyhow, this is something to which I should always pay attention.

Day 23: Art of Manliness post

I’m pretty stumped on this one not in terms of picking a skill because there are plenty of skills that I would like to acquire, but on which skill I could realistically begin to acquire. I’m leaning towards the ones having to do with felling trees and gardening because I could try to join a volunteer group for Boston’s public gardens. I wonder if learning how to sail counts…? Major props to this post for an intriguing quote from Hannah Arendt.

Day 24: Art of Manliness post

Coming soon to another blog post, I visited a new place with a good friend. I think wandering has become one of my favorite forms of play but I would like to get back into games.


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