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October 7, 2011

I wonder what prevented me from blogging for a week? Let me pop into my Windows Calendar to review:

Oh, I went home to Shrewsbury from Oct. 1st to Oct. 4th and there were plenty of things to do being Spirit of Shrewsbury weekend and hangout times with the Moms. I ran, for real, on the treadmill at the gym for the first time in my life and was pleasantly surprised to discover that I did not hate it nor suck at it too hard. Also, I got to tour the awesome home of the scientist who invented the Pill because it is on sale for the affordable price of $575,000. 15 rooms! 3 bathrooms, one of which has a jacuzzi. Three floors. Yeah, I like real estate.

On Wednesday, I went to the open house of the Boston Debate League  followed by a program at the Museum of Science called “Let’s Talk About Food Safety,” a part of their “Let’s Talk About Food” initiative. To get there from downtown, I walked through the most easterly portion of the West End and was pleased by what I saw:

The Greatest Neighborhood This Side of Heaven - but I don't know which one they're referring to!

I used to live near here way back when - it's possibly cooler to me now than it was when I was little

The room they put us in had a great view overlooking the water

The event itself was quite nice too – a catered table of coffee and tea, a cash bar, big platters of vegetables with dressing. We heard a co-presentation by an industry food scientist and a member of Whole Foods’ Global Food Safety Team. The Whole Foods’ HQ is in Austin, TX and I should look into some learning opportunities once I’m there. After being exposed to a lot of technical knowledge and practice, attendees engaged in a bit of roleplay as a local public health board dealing with a dioxin outbreak in chicken. People from BU’s Dept. of Public Health played roles such as the CEO of the chicken company, the FDA regulator, the dioxin expert, etc. for us to interview and I was introduced to this spiffy tool called Poll Everywhere that allows the user to do an easily phone via cellphone participation! UChicago and other schools with science lectures should do that instead of making people buy the clickers. I learned a lot about dioxin, I learned that a lot goes into food safety, and I spoke to a biochemist about Nick’s college aspirations and received some interesting advice in response.

Tonight was rugby night with lots of tackling but I wanted to blog even though I could use the sleep more. That’s just how I roll. I also wonder how many euphemistic post titles I can come up with every time I don’t blog for a week or so.

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