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The Conveniences of Court Street

October 11, 2011

My office is located on Court Street, just east of the Old State House where the Boston Massacre occurred and south of Boston’s City Hall. My train lets me off at the Old State House for a short stroll to the office, past the spot where the Italian sausage vendor sets up. I see the Italian sausage with onions and peppers as Boston’s portable encased meat sandwich. And the big one I can get for $5 near work is quite good.

During the work day - just mustard, no onions

But it can’t quite compare to the snap of the Chicago Dog or the juiciness of the Maxwell Polish…

What wasn’t as ubiquitous in Chicago was decent Asian food, and that’s where the super-friendly couple that owns The Hungry Traveler come in. Located on the east side of Court Square, The Hungry Traveler has daily Korean specials in addition to an expansive menu of deli and lunch counter favorites.

I came in excited for jap chae only to find that it had sold out by 1PM. While I settled on bulgogi with salad and rice for the fair price of $8, one of the owners offered me the last bite of the jap chae, Korean sweet and spicy paste with my food, and advised me to call ahead with my order to beat the lunch rush. Although I was taking my lunch to go, the cafe was well-lit with magazines on the tables and plenty of chairs.

The marinated beef was tender and made more interesting with the addition of mushrooms, onions, and peppers. I should have grabbed some salad dressing for my salad but enjoyed the pickled radish immensely. I meant to leave half of this for my next meal but ended up devouring the entire hefty box. It’s not the best Korean food in Boston, but considering it’s steps away from the office, I’ll definitely be returning to The Hungry Traveler.

Oh, did I mentioned that I got to see The 2010 Stanley Cup at City Hall? Also just a short walk away!

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