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Neighborhood Food – Yely’s Coffee Shop

October 22, 2011

After the Sam Adams tour, I immediately required delicious, fattening food. A. and I trotted down Lamartine in the hopes of finding Bukhara’s Indian buffet but that was further away than my beer-buzzed state realized initially. Fortunately, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that we were a block away from Yely’s Coffee Shop and conveniently close to the Jackson Square T station where A. could get back on the Orange Line to rejoin the Boston Book Festival.

$10 of meaty variety

Words escape my drunchie (as opposed to munchie) delight. Chicharrones were crispy, moist, and salty. We timed our visit well in between lunch rushes for hot, fresh pork without the line out the door. The sausages were snappy and juicy. I could have done without the tougher flank(?) steak although the flavor was great there too. Well done fried yucca and plantain slices.  On another visit, I would get 1/4 chicharrones, 1/4 sausage, 1/2 roast chicken. And then, maybe a box split 50-50 between the yucca and plantains. Good heavens, I’m salivating just thinking about the next time I will allow my cholesterol to skyrocket.

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