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Last Day of SoWa

November 6, 2011

I’ve heard of SoWa from a few people but hadn’t done a good job of checking it out until last weekend, Halloween weekend, and the last day of SoWa for the season. When I was interning for a food and hospitality P.R. firm last summer in Chicago, there was regular media coverage of how unfriendly Chicago was/is towards food trucks. The opposite situation seems to be the case in Boston, which boasts a fleet of beautiful food trucks serving an array of foods. On a morning walk from South Station, I see a line for Clover, which also does lunch service next to City Hall along with Bon Me and Momogoose. I actually have yet to eat anything from any Boston food truck but I’m sure that will change before I depart for Austin (speaking of which, I just got my second offer of admission by phone after my AmeriCorps VISTA retreat and by mail the following week – yay). I bring up the Boston food truck market because there were quite a few of time at SoWa, decorated for the holiday:

All of them were tempting, Roxy’s perhaps most of all in the brisk fall air, but I had (un?)fortunately had my first banh mi from New Saigon Sandwich and was feeling quite content. If there had been a big crowd at SoWa for the last day, it had died down considerably by the time I got there but I quite enjoyed the vintage market and made a mental note to return to walk around Bobby From Boston, a primarily men’s vintage store, which I did this past Friday with some friends. Bobby was as well-curated as I expected for a store lauded by local and national media but I didn’t walk away with any purchases.

Reasons why I would return to SoWa:

To buy my parents beautiful and delicate wine glasses from the vintage market

To access multiple food trucks in one location

To appreciate vintage worksmanship


To find out more about food trucks in Boston: Boston Area Food Truck Association (with a database by time and location!)

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  1. November 7, 2011 11:22 am

    Good news. The Sowa Vintage Market (which we sell at) is indoors & there is heat, so we are actually open Sundays all year. Only the outdoor market is closed for the season. You should come visit us again before you head to Austin!

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