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Neighborhood Food – Fill Belly’s fills my belly

November 7, 2011

I first heard about Fill Belly’s from On the Cheap. Then my roommate and I passed by it on Washington on our way to Doyle’s to get my Sam Adams Boston Lager Glass. I couldn’t remember at that point if it was a Southern food joint or a Jamaican food joint. I continue to have intermittent cravings for Harold’s. I continue to live in Boston without Harold’s. Roommate and I intend to go to Fill Belly’s every other week and don’t make it there. Finally, we go last Tuesday without prior discussion. Sometimes, you just have to go with it.

The dining room is still spare and there is no one but the chef/owner? when we get there. Roommate gets the sampler, I make my own sampler by ordering chicken and waffles and two Bosilitos – curry chicken and BBQ pulled pork (imagine an empanada with a fried exterior resembling that of a samosa). Although I like macaroni and cheese as well as collard greens and sweet potato, I figure there will be enough fat from the fried chicken and enough carbs from the waffles. I order the additional bosilitos because I have a hard time resisting food I haven’t had before.

There is a wait exacerbated by the quiet of just the two of us in the restaurant although roommate is doing a good job of conversing. Silences are generally my fault. A trio of people our age, maybe a few years older, show up talking about massages…I think? They put in their orders. Room is a little noisier now although their chatter seems to highlight my exhaustion.

Food arrives! Roommate’s sampler has a half order of chicken and waffles (about 3 waffle triangles and 2 chicken wings), 2 chunks of mac n’ cheese casserole, and 2 bosilitos (served cut in half to reveal filling) – all of this is $8. I also spent $8 to get 6 waffle triangles, 4 chicken wings, and 2 bosilitos. Bosilitos were crunchy on the outside and intriguing on the inside – curry chicken might have had something like chutney mixed in with the well-seasoned white meat? BBQ pulled pork was solid too, sweet and tangy and soft. Moving on to the main attraction: the waffles were dark in contrast to the whiteness of the powdered sugar. They reminded me of donuts at the apple orchard because of the fried cake texture and cinnamon flavor. Then there was the chicken, hot and juicy and salty meat covered in this extremely pleasing crispy yet crumbly batter. Roommate was dabbing his in the maple syrup and it was delicious that way too. Roommate was also pleased with his casserole chunks but I was not so impressed by their somewhat rubbery appearance. Granted, I am a fan of more runny mac n’ cheese.

But oh, the chicken. I would make a meal out of the chicken alone if I could. Would the chef let me order a plate of just chicken?



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