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Somerville’s Rosebud Diner

November 8, 2011

One of my favorite places in Worcester is The Boulevard Diner on Shrewsbury Street where I order the thick Italian toast and a plate of ham, sometimes with eggs, sometimes with homefries. Now that I’ve decided on what I will be eating this weekend, I’ll mention another diner car  I happened upon over the weekend – The Rosebud. Walking around Davis Square with its eating establishments and stores geared toward the more affluent student and young professional crowd, the sight of a handsome little black dining car on the street is quite striking. Inside, you’ll find polished oak and friendly waitresses.

One should probably get breakfast here – I noticed quite a few omelet options but I wasn’t in the mood for eggs. I also passed on coffee after a dehydrated evening and morning but my companion enjoyed hers black with sweetener. They didn’t have steak and eggs which gave me pangs of longing for Valois. I settled on Fish and Chips after a conversation about pescatarianism and the fish was fine although I wasn’t enamored with the coleslaw or homefries that I had substituted for chips. I’m glad I went in for a low-pressure meal after a high-pressure morning but the appearance of Rosebud might be the most special thing about it.

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