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November 18, 2011

My mom is fixated on Glasslock containers. She zipped right over to them while we were at Ming’s Market/New York Mart this past weekend even though I know she already has one, if not two of them. Then came the exclamations of how cute and useful they were and why wasn’t her size available. I already had two 4-inch circular Pyrex containers to pack lunch with but Mom insisted that their snap-on tops were inferior to the locking mechanism of the Glasslock. So now I’m the proud owner of a small glass container with a locking plastic lid. Now I can pack lunch three days ahead instead of just two. I’m no bento box maker, but I’ve been deriving a quiet pleasure from assembling picturesque and nutritionally balanced domes (and now squares) of food. What I’ve taken to doing is sandwiching the protein and vegetable in between two thin layers of rich so as to capture all escaping flavors and minimize grease-to-container exposure. Between the lunch packing and mopping, I am so ready to be a homemaker.

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