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work lunch – World’s No. 1 Sandwich?

December 5, 2011

Sam LaGrassa’s is one street over from the office and has packed tables and a short line out the door every lunch day to back up it’s lofty claim. I elected to take out their “Famous Rumanian Pastrami” with sauerkraut and mustard – no Swiss cheese. The pastrami did taste sweeter and smell more aromatic but I had been primed to think so by Chowhound.

Hello, sir

The sandwich’s deliciousness kind of snuck on me – the first few bites were dominated by dark rye and the attention-grabbing texture of their thinly shaved meat rather than the taste of the pastrami mixed with the bite of the mustard and the soft sour of the sauerkraut. But the more I ate, the more I felt compelled to finish my entire sandwich even though it could have been a fine lunch for two. For $12, I also got a short, fresh pickle, so fresh that it tasted more like a very good cucumber that had been treated with a salt bath than a pickle. This was ok, but I like sour, and both the “pickle” and sauerkraut could have used more vinegar. Other than that minor criticism, Sam LaGrassa’s serves up an immensely satisfying sandwich that elicited envy from more than one co-worker.

Stealth tastiness


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