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Meat Pie, Australian Meat Pie

December 22, 2011

This food experience was like a romantic comedy where the nice guy falls in love with the girl who is used to being overshadowed by her more flashy sister or friend. When I walked into the door of KO Catering and Pies with its adorable koala awning, I was thinking just about the meat pies sitting in the industrial heating case that was prominently displayed on their counter in a small cafe space with one large wooden table and upscale bar-like lighting. I ordered the sausage roll in addition to their classic beef pie on a whim. Who knows what kind of love I would have developed for the meat pie if the sausage roll hadn’t taken me by surprise?

Silly musings aside, the KO meat pie is a hot and heavy food of beauty with a sturdy yet flaky crust about 5 inches in diameter and generously filled with ground beef. I was most impressed by how I could actually pick up the entire pie and eat it in hand without fear of the bottom giving way or making a total mess. I had originally tried to eat it with a fork and the piece was decidedly unimpressed with my delicate approach to its robust self. I was offered ketchup at the time of purchase and I think that would have added a refreshing layer sweetness and tartness to the straightforward richness of the filling.

I think a KO Pie would make a fantastic dinner or heavy lunch accompanied by a lager and side salad of mixed greens. I also wouldn’t mind lingering in the small cafe space if it doesn’t get crowded. Guess I’ll be visiting South Boston more often.

In this crust, I trust

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