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The Layover Boston: Saturday

December 22, 2011

So, for those of you who don’t watch the Travel Channel, Anthony Bourdain, resident food show/former chef BAMF, is doing a new show called “The Layover.” The premise is that in the midst of his globe-traversing travels, sometimes he has 1-2ish day layovers and why would he waste that time sleeping/chilling in his very nice hotel room when he could be eating? Now that I’ve described the premise of the new show, I’m starting to think that Travel Channel is just trying to squeeze as much out of Bourdain as possible before they kill him with exhaustion. Or maybe he’s going to cut back on No Reservations and this is a less strenuous shooting schedule?

48 hours. One city. Non-stop eating.

My friend Adam flew in Saturday morning around 9:30AM. He departed Monday morning around 10:30AM.

First stop: Mike’s Pastry for cannolis and lobstertail

I’m usually a stickler for tradition with my pastries but having been disappointed by the yellow cream, I branched out to black cherry for my cannoli. Adam got hazelnut, which was very good. Two cannolis, one lobstertail, washed down with hot coffee.

We walked from Haymarket to the North End to City Hall to the State House. Then along Beacon until Charles. Charles Street to Mass General and then onto the Red Line to Kendall. While at MIT, we agreed that the buildings were rather intimidating. We walked down the infinite corridor, spotted another UChicago alum, and admired the view of Boston from across the river. Then onward to Harvard, where I was annoyed at Occupy Harvard for closing the Yard to visitors.

Second stop: Mr. Bartley’s

Suspected of being an overrated tourist trap, Mr. Bartley’s Burger Cottage does a very good burger and light and crispy onion rings. I got one named “The Jersey Shore” and Adam got “The Oprah.” The Oprah was not very healthy for a meal named after an advocate of good health and living. Pickles were superb – long, cold, crunchy, and bracingly sour.

The Jersey Shore - "(over the top) with bacon, cheese, grilled mushrooms & onions, w/ onion rings"


The Oprah - "(her weight fluctuates more than the dow) BBQ sauce, bacon & grilled onions w/ baked beans "


The day ended on Centre Street in JP at the first J.P. Licks – Adam was happy to find an ice cream shop with wifi that stayed open until midnight. That is nice, isn’t it? As is ice cream by the fireplace. We watched about five episodes of Bourdain’s The Layover back at the apartment before bed.

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