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The Layover Boston: Pikaichi ramen for the cold and hungry

December 28, 2011

Post-beer hunger is serious business. I was pretty impatient on the B (Green) line as we traveled in the last direction of Boston Adam had yet to visit. Cursory hand-waving took care of the Boston University campus. Then we pulled into Packard’s Corner and headed straight to the Super 88/Hong Kong Supermarket Food Court.

I don’t remember how I heard about Pikaichi Japanese Restaurant – maybe in a Yelp! discussion about the previous ramen joint in the food court or perhaps a Chowhound thread on Metro Boston options. I’ve had Sapporo Ramen in the Porter Exchange Mall – it’s very good, especially if you get the roast pork bun appetizer, but the wait is long and the place is tiny. In Allston, Pikaichi has its own restaurant space set apart from the rest of the food court. When we arrived, it was bathed in Sunday afternoon sunlight, creating a peaceful atmosphere that offset our beer-induced hunger. Prices and choices are comparable to Sapporo and Pikaichi has a few combo options that allowed us to add a small bowl of curry price for a dollar or two more. The food came within 10 minutes of ordering and was excellent – springy noodles, tender pork, rich soup, and tasty curry! We ate with great gusto with plenty of room for our elbows. I’d pick Pikaichi for ramen over Sapporo any day, and especially now with the Red Line being shut down between Harvard and Alewife on the weekends. And the curry rice was such a yummy balance of sweet and savory that I might have to come back for their non-ramen items.

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