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The Layover Boston: Anna’s Taqueria to finish

December 29, 2011

In between the eating on Sunday, Adam and I fulfilled our omnibus movie tradition with a viewing of New Year’s Eve, a movie that consisted of plot segments rather than lines. The most enjoyable aspect of the film for me was Lea Michele; I’m not sure if Adam enjoyed anything. It was quite bad, worse than Valentine’s Day in my estimation, which offered me enough character development and continuity to come to care about at least one of the story lines and laugh at how terrible the two Taylors are at acting. I also think the two Taylors were in on the joke re: the non-existent expectations the audience had for their acting prowess while the other celebrities in that production put in decent effort. In New Year’s Eve, everyone came off subdued except for Sofia Vergana. And Lea Michele was ok because she still got to sing and because her character was more or less a non-annoying Rachel Berry or what Rachel Berry fans hope Rachel Berry will grow up to be once she gets out of Lima, OH (except that Rachel Berry would somehow be both as successful as she aspires to be yet more modest and likeable).

Tradition aside, I felt that Adam should sample Boston’s home-grown burrito chain even though he’s probably had many a good burrito in California and Chicago. Readers of this blog may know that my loyalty belongs to Anna’s Taqueria over the glorified wrap sandwiches of Boloco. And so we ended Adam’s Layover in Boston with a simple, well-proportioned meal of warm tortilla, seasoned chicken and pork, rice, beans, and pico de gallo. He had the leftover quarter of lobstertail for breakfast Monday morning before his flight.

What we missed:

Italian Sausage in a roll
Pizzeria Regina (I actually haven’t this yet myself)
Fried Dough (kind of a seasonal thing)
Clam Chowder – although, Adam is not a fan of seafood
Seafood, in general, but again, Adam is not a fan
Flour Bakery
Irish pub fare
East Boston

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