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Neighborhood Eats: Starfish Market

January 6, 2012

My roommate observed while reading Yelp! reviews of restaurants close to our apartment that many of them begin with: “I was hungry after the Sam Adams Brewery Tour…” One of the places that falls under the category of the choice of the slightly buzzed is Starfish Market – a fishmonger/seafood shack with a cheap and cheerful fish sandwich ($3) and other fresh fried goodies. Although my roommate frequents Pin Bochinche weekly (I have yet to see him eat vegetables at home), I’m willing to walk the extra two, three blocks for seafood when I’m in the mood for fried food. The vibe of this place reminds me of casual takeout counters in Hyde Park, but because I dislike perch, I rarely ate fried fish in Chicago. So this is a place in Boston where I can feel Chicago-good and have something that I couldn’t get before.

Sweet and succulent - great with hot sauce!

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  1. January 6, 2012 3:29 am

    I love the alliteration of “cheap and cheerful.”

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