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New Golden Gate

January 13, 2012

After years and years of eating at the same few restaurants in Chinatown, my parents have gotten adventurous. It seems like we are consistently eschewing Chinatown Cafe and Peach Farm for a place we’ve heard about or seen filled with people. Last week’s new Chinatown pick was vetted by my father at his lab’s end-of-the-year lunch.

New Golden Gate Restaurant is a small dining room about half a block from Boston’s Chinatown gate. The staff was friendly and competent in both Mandarin and Cantonese. The occasion was my mom’s birthday but she didn’t want to make any menu selections. My contribution was oysters in clay pot which the entire family agreed was excellent with large fresh and toothsome oysters cooked in soy and scallions.

Another stand-out dish was the Chinese-style poached chicken for the authenticity of texture – it was smooth on the outside and supple on the inside – and the depth of flavor.

We also liked their less-salty version of White Rice Fish.

Rounding out our meal: Crackly deep-fried pork intestine on top of super refreshing shredded pickled daikon radish. Bitter melon sauteed in black bean sauce. Walnut shrimp – another seafood dish that was fresh and sweet.

Prices were standard. Quality was good. I think we showed up a bit early – around 5:30PM, but the place got packed pretty soon thereafter with noise being as expected for Chinatown. I’d come again for the oysters for sure.

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