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The Boulevard Diner on Shrewsbury Street

January 18, 2012

My favorite place to eat in Worcester/Shrewsbury is The Boulevard Diner, a little train car dining room about ten minutes from my family home. It’s open 24/7, give or take an hour or two for cleaning. Seats probably less than twenty, including the staff of three or four who brew good coffee, toast thick slices of Italian bread, fry up all manner of breakfast staples on the long griddle, and cook other American favorites like meatballs and stew. There are round red leather stools against the stone counter separating the cooking area from the diners and four wooden pews/booths along the window side. The staff is familiar with everyone in a way that makes even newcomers feel like regulars.

I’ve been coming here since junior year of high school, sometimes late at night with a hankering for buttered toast and home fries. I love their coffee with cream dispensed from this big aluminum egg on the counter. I like to make butter and sugar sandwiches with their fluffy yet charred bread. This is the first time I’ve been to the Boulevard in a year or so and I went early with Tifferoo to avoid a wait.

I often get a plate of eggs with breakfast meat or an omelet; once, I ordered a side of carved ham and toast. This day, I went for the steak and eggs, a great deal at $10 with toast and home fries included. The steak was a sizable piece of diner-quality ribeye, medium but tender and covered with not two, but three eggs. Tifferoo got an omelet with tomatoes, feta, and either broccoli or spinach. The toast was splendid and the coffee was plentiful. This place might be the restaurant I miss the most when I move to Texas.

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