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Sometimes, I eat like I wanna get diabetes

January 23, 2012

That previous post was lame because I let too much time expire between an awesome experience and when I blog about said experience, but the awesomeness of completely irresponsible eating does not fade! In fact, it accumulates on my abdomen.

Some weekends ago, a hungry Nate pops by JP after judging a tournament. Since my other roommate was having his monthly City Year gathering, I was happy to leave in search of late-night good eats. Alex Chimi’s, a Dominican roast chicken joint, was close by, still open, and had seating. For the main course, we ordered half a chicken and a hunk of chicharron and watched in mild awe as these items were efficiently hacked apart with a relatively slender knife. And there were some fried plantain slices for carbs.

This was my first time having Hispanic rotisserie chicken and it was so so good – thoroughly marinated in something that made it smoky and juicy with a citrus cumin(?) finish. It was also dressed with a thin spicy red sauce. The chicharron was good but not as good as Yele’s just a block or two down the road. Now I’m eager to try Yele’s chicken.

When we got back to the apartment, Nate and I made brown sugar cookies – which are so much better than regular sugar cookies – and then decided it would be a brilliant idea to cream more butter and brown sugar together, smear the mixture onto fluffy white bread, and toast in the oven for consumption with milk tea. It was glorious.

Hello, skyrocketing insulin levels

And that’s what happens on the weekends I don’t “go out.”

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