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How do you know where to go?

February 15, 2012

If it’s Chicago, I like TimeOut Chicago – it might be the best TimeOut out of the cities where TimeOut is published. The LTH Forum gets mad respect from Chicago foodies but it takes time to shift through all those threads. Same goes for Chowhound, which I used for an hour or so today as I prepare for my trip to Toronto this long weekend. If Bourdain has been to a city, then I’ll check his sites as well but usually about half of them, if not more, are out of my current price range. For Boston, I’ve been relying on Cheap Eats in the Phoenix although Yelp! is starting to earn my grudging respect.

I think The Torontoist might be a useful website for Toronto in general, maybe akin to Gaper’s Block for Chicago, but I’m pretty exhausted from my Chowhound research and already know that I will barely be able to make a dent in the places already on my list. Just from this short list alone, restricted to what is a reasonable distance from the University of Toronto and inexpensive, I know that I should make an effort to live in Toronto for a little while in the future.

Oh well! Here’s to a hopefully awesome long weekend in Toronto!

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  1. Cookie Monster permalink
    February 16, 2012 1:17 pm

    I am completely sure you’ll find good eats in Toronto. There’s a ton of stuff within a few miles of UToronto. I can give you one place NOT to check – the Frommer’s Toronto restaurant guide. We got one before we went and it was completely useless.

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