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Experiments and First Times

February 16, 2012

Viet-style headcheese. Texture was pretty cool. Kind of liked the crunch of the pig’s ears. Did not like how sweet it was. It was better with mustard, but even then. Do not care to repeat unless ensconced in a banh mi.

I’m going with CC’s Crazy Chicken Wings for these guys. I meant to make them for the Super Bowl but ended up going home on a whim. Made them either Monday or Tuesday morning – actually set off a smoke detector when the molasses in the glaze overcooked in the tray. I had leftover molasses that I combined with sambal and soy sauce. I first washed the wings and seasoned them with salt over night. Let the chicken wings cook to almost doneness in a hot oven before basting for another ten minutes or so. Broiled for the last minute. Chicken was juicy and tender. Sauce was pretty good too – could have used more salt.

I had heard about and witnessed a friend broiling her grapefruits with a dusting of brown sugar but had yet to be tempted to do so myself when regular grapefruit is already so satisfying. But I’m so glad I did because warm grapefruit is so welcoming and fragrant and caramelized grapefruit rind is delicious. I kind of just wanted to eat the whole thing but refrained from alarming my roommate. I definitely did make a fool of myself trying to catch every drop of brown sugar-grapefruit nectar.

Another photo just because it's pretty

Flounder baked with oyster mushrooms and carrots. I’ve never had fish paired with either of those vegetables before but the mushroom and fish combo was suggested to me by the internet. I skipped the breadcrumb suggestion but everything still came together pretty well. More importantly, I love mushrooms of all kinds and felt very healthful eating this dish. I don’t think I like flounder all that much though.

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