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February 28, 2012

I’m going to be honest with you dear readers, while I did take plenty of food and city photos during my President’s Weekend trip to Toronto, since returning to the States, I have been completely, completely distracted by the Glee winter finale (Quinn Fabray is my favorite character). So I haven’t sifted through my Toronto photos and sorted them by post. In the meantime though, I have officially been on every branch of the T! I completely completed (thanks, SN) my survey of Boston’s subway system Monday night, when I went to the beautiful Chestnut Hill campus of Boston College for a talk by Dean Rougeau of BC Law.

BC kind of reminded me of UChicago but definitely more Catholic in its Collegiate Gothic-ness. Buildings seemed whiter (different materials, duh) and there were strategically placed statues of angels and Jesuits inside and on the grounds. I was pretty amused. The surroundings were pretty residential but for the dedicated subway stop and a strip of eateries including a White Mountain Creamery with ice cream made on the premises, a pretty good Mexican joint (their horchata was passable), and a Sicilian pizza place that has gotten good reviews. I wouldn’t mind hanging out here if it weren’t at the end of the B line.

This is Gasson Hall in line with the main gate of campus, sort of in the heart of campus. Really impressive at night. See the pillar with the BC Eagle on top?

BC also has a Potter-esque library although it's smaller than Harper

My camera wouldn't focus for some reason but you get the idea that the interiors are very similar and equally silent. BC also has a hideously blocky Brutalist main library as well.

Side view of their library's stained glass windows - everything nice reminded me of cathedrals and churches and monasteries

Gasson again. Gorgeous.

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