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Bunch of Lunch

March 8, 2012

Feels like spring today. Downtown resembled a downtown and my deskmate and I even got to sun ourselves a bit on the Greenway during our break. What I don’t always have time to do is see the water, but the crossing from the Financial District to Fort Point in the sunshine is magnificent:

Even my Blackberry camera cannot fail the view

Have I mentioned yet that I had my first Flour sandwich that I didn’t like? It isn’t the one below, but the grilled chicken and brie. I think the flavors are muddled in that one in a way that just doesn’t suit me. However, perfection is resumed with the BLT:

Come to me

For those who keep kosher, there is Milk St. Cafe in between Government Center and Post Office Square. The atrium dining area, while well-lit, has quite the echo:

Really comforting and big veggie pot pie

Griddler’s is more or less across the street from the Holiday Inn on Beacon Hill, part of the Charles St? Plaza next to Mass General. I attended a Fred Pryor seminar one Friday and decided I really wanted some quintessential American fast food. Not quite fast food the way you can get it in Chicago, but it’ll do:

These weren't mine but they sure looked tasty in their buns

Novel burger topping for me: fried clam strips

Apple pie milk shake. Fresh apples were lovely, as was the ice cream, but where was the pie crust? Maybe I should have followed Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me and gotten a Mickey D's apple pie and a McFlurry mixed together...wait, that's not healthy

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