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Last shots from St. Lawrence Market

March 28, 2012

So it’s really lame that I have yet to finish blogging about a 3-day trip I took over a month ago on the eve of another 3-day trip (this time to Austin). However, this is the farmer’s market side of St. Lawrence and the site of something that I always associate with Canada: public sing-a-longs!

When I went to elementary school in Vancouver, the week before Christmas meant sitting along the walls of the school’s main hallways with binders of carols and singing as an entire school. Some classes would put on performances and I got to play “Silent Night” on the melodica (launching a fondness for the use of melodica in pop music). A similar scene was present at the St. Lawrence farmer’s market, where a jovial trio on the ukulele and keyboard handed binders of sheet music to random passerbys interested in singing along. This was all a part of a government initiative called “Canada Sings!” Isn’t Canada just a charming place?

This was only the first half of our Saturday in Toronto. So behind on blogging.

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