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The University of Toronto

April 10, 2012

We entered campus from Bloor St, taking the Philosopher’s Walk all the way to Queen’s Park where we admired an imposing relic of British imperialism and the placement of the provincial legislature, right in the middle of the University. After a brief visit to the Humanities and Foreign Languages buildings that my cousin never enters, we cut a diagonal to the science buildings where he spends all his time and the Front Campus to admire University College, Convocation Hall, and the view of the CN Tower. The University of Toronto has a gate (or Gate), but my impression is it does not serve a symbolic unifying purpose when the lack of a core curriculum means its students belong more to their chosen faculty than an institution.

My cousin tells me that their main library is meant to resemble a peacock - kind of out of character, if you ask me.

Was this Prince Albert? King Edward? I remember it came from India. I think I found the plaque explaining the timing of its delivery from India to Canada to be ironic.

The provincial legislature

Toronto helpfully instructs on public behavior in traffic

The arts at Toronto

The missing turret makes me sad because I like symmetry

Convocation Hall where there is a massive lecture hall inside for popular lectures and graduation ceremonies

Formerly significant meridian and my brother



South side of campus

Street cars are sort of useful but not really unless you're too lazy to walk to Chinatown

Their gate

I really like visiting college and university campuses.

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