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A Pleasant Interlude in Brookline

April 19, 2012

So if I were to do this year again, I might have chosen to live in Brookline Village although I really do appreciate the convenience of the Orange Line relative to where I usually work. In my limited experience, the D line moves along more quickly than the B line, so I could bear the experience of using the Green Line every day and stations are placed close to apartment housing and restaurants. Furthermore, Brookline boasts a very manageable and high-achieving public school population (not that I have children but these are the kind of things I think about now). Brookline Village has also endeared itself to me thanks to the Village Smokehouse, a Texas-style BBQ joint, where I procured a delightful picnic prior to representing UChicago at Brookline High School’s college fair.

Grilled Smoked Texas Sausage - good chew, subtly sweet. BBQ sauce was fantastic - smoky, sweet, spicy kick at the tip of the tongue and a pleasant burn at the back.

Sampler of wings, brisket, and interestingly enough, shrimp.

BBQ-eating essential: the Wet Nap; or, Fresh Nap in this case

I ate this delectable meal on the field in front of Brookline HS and tried not to make too much eye contact with the real college reps eating sandwiches in their cars as I probably got sauce all over my face. It was one of those unseasonably warm days we had in Boston in early-mid March and everything around me was conspiring to make me regret living in JP instead of Brookline.

The foyer of Brookline HS was impressive, the cafeteria less so although they did have a nice spread of sandwiches and baked goods for the college reps.

There's my set-up! Whenever I was occupied talking to one set of students/parents, other students/parents were making off with publications that were for the table only.

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