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Breakfast is Best

April 22, 2012

…when it’s brunch.

The Allston Diner caught my attention in the Boston Phoenix dining section after a lull in which few restaurant reviews were being published and none of which were catching my attention. NR came to visit one weekend a month or so ago and we were deciding between three places – Cutty’s in Brookline (which I definitely still want to go to), Senor Ramos in Cambridge (which I’m not so enthused about anymore based on recent Yelp! reviews; yes, I have become somewhat converted), and the Allston Diner. The promise of fried chicken on cornbread waffles and homemade brisket won us over and off we went to Allston in the big green truck.

We made the right choice with timing and location – think we got there at the tail-end of the brunch rush and we wanted to sit at the counter anyways. First off, the Allston Diner has fantastic Italian dark roast coffee. I haven’t been much of a coffee drinker since overdosing the first year of college, but I definitely had four mugs and NR probably had five. The staff was super-friendly and very good at chatting with us at the right moments. And then there was the food:

Juicy fried chicken tenders on a somewhat novel cornbread waffle presented with a generous side of white peppercorn sausage gravy. The gravy was superfluous considering the strength of the fried chicken and waffle but very much appreciated for its extra richness and extra calories.

I should stop saying "Chicken and Waffles" when usually it's "Chicken and huge waffle."

Brisket breakfast with a big side helping of homefries, flavorful and tender brisket on Texas toast topped with two eggs.

I love yolk.

I’m pretty sure we lingered there for two hours, enjoying the coffee, the food, the company, and the relaxed atmosphere of this smallish but excellent diner. NR and I are used to historical diners thanks to our roots in central MA, but the Allston Diner goes to show that the young can do old standbys in a new and yet familiarly great way.


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