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This really is the last post about Toronto

May 14, 2012

I only spent a long weekend in Toronto and we never strayed far from the downtown campus of the University of Toronto, but as you can tell from the numerous posts that have taken me oh, three months to complete, there is plenty to do in the New York of Canada!

This is just a post to show off the fun foodstuffs available in Toronto thanks to its major Asian population:

To be found in a Korean supermarket on the main drag of Toronto’s Korean neighborhood

Wonderful waffle smell and texture on the inside, hot and sweet and almost gushy on the inside

Previously unknown variety of passion fruit

Larger than the passion fruit we know and love

Definitely not as pleasant or tasty đŸ˜¦

Good heavens! Fresh jackfruit!

Retrieving the fruits

So cool and weird and stringy! Not edible.

Yummy! Crisp, sweet, and exotic

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