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10 Reasons why I love Chicago

May 22, 2012

(Not in order of preference but possibly in order of what in Boston annoys me the most)

1. Planned City – in particular, the gridded street system, the parks along the lake. The street naming convention and using Lake Michigan for east. Bike-friendly too.

2. The El – pricing system ($2.25 for the 1st ride, .25 for the 2nd and 3rd, free after within 3 hours). Also, now bus stops and El stations tell you how many minutes you have to wait for the closest train or bus. Excellent mobile support.

3. Rahm Emanuel is cooler than Tom Menino. I also have never met him in real life. That being said, it was kind of cool to be in the same breakfast spot as Mayor Menino.

4. The University of Chicago.

5. Mexican food. And all the other food.

6. The people – friends and strangers.

7. The city in spring bloom.

8. The architecture – soaring skyscrapers, the Chicago School, and more. Public art too.

9. The Chicago River – useful for distinguishing parts of the city, taking boat tours, and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

10. Music venues like the Vic, more than one major movie theater downtown, and the abundance of entertainment that one can partake of without worrying about having to take a taxi at the end of the night.

And now for some photos of my most recent trip:

UChicago finished installing a new cafe on the first floor of the main library

The Med Bakery on 57th continued to provide delicious sandwiches and fruit tarts

Harper Quad’s strange old table/benches? were replaced with new, less confusing but more comfortable benches

The Logan Arts Center is more or less finished and already has classes

Brand spankin’ new costume shop

This is a typical hallway inside Logan. I felt like I was in a modern art installation.

The cool surroundings make the idea of seeing a UT show more palatable…

Classrooms with windows for walls

The view facing east from the 8th? floor

Marilyn Monroe a few weeks before she was dismantled at 400 N. Michigan

I bet Trump likes the attention she’s paying to his tower (ducks)

Work lunch at the Billy Goat – what could be better?

To follow: A Chicago food truck round-up!

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