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Chicago Food Trucks at UChicago Law

May 23, 2012

The weekend I visited Chicago happened to coincide with a conference on food truck legal issues at UChicago Law School with a gathering of Chicago food trucks at the end – so of course I was there. Here is what we ate:

Food Truck 1: Forever Yogurt

Friendly staff gave us $5 gift cards in addition to our fro-yo! They have at least two physical locations in addition to the truck.

Delicious combo of mango sorbet, granola, coconut shreds, and whipped cream. Favorite item.

Food Truck 2: Duck N Roll

Points for the super cute mascot and convenient survey option of all 3 kinds of bao-tacos (you’ll see) for $8

Of course there was pork belly, but there was also short ribs and awesome 5-spice duck. And we loved the spicy mango salsa.

Food Truck 3: Schnitzel King

I really like schnitzel and this schnitzel sandwich was being sold for $7.

Peppers, although lovely, were more outside than inside the sandwich and somewhat messing up the exterior of the bread. Schnitzel was good although it didn’t need the bread which was definitely the kind designed for the tremendous Chicago-style Italian Beef Sandwich rather than the already breaded schnitzel.

Food Truck 4: Beaver’s Coffee + Donuts

Another cute truck mascot

We went for the gourmet option and got S’Mores in mini donut form – graham cracker crumbles, hot chocolate drizzle, and fluff on delightful morsels of airy donuts. Close second to the fro-yo.

Food trucks I didn’t get to eat from:

Lots of empanada options in Chicago – I usually go to Lito’s but like the atmosphere of Macondo’s

Ok, I admit that I was scared of the Mexican Wrestler

I’ve been over cupcakes for a while although I had a fantastic Boston Cream Pie cupcake from a place called Sweet Tooth Boston in Southie recently – that’s neither here nor there in a Chicago post


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  1. Cookie Monster permalink
    May 24, 2012 2:28 pm

    YUM! I am totally jealous… I had no idea. The s’mores donuts and fro yo look amazing. The schnitzel and duck ones are around pretty much all the time on campus now. (SO MANY FOOD TRUCKS EVERY TIME I GO BACK TO CAMPUS!)

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