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Another Burger Down: Flat Patties

June 8, 2012

How many local indie gourmet burger joints does it take before I have a casual survey of Boston/Cambridge’s burgers on my hands? As readers of this blog may know (thank you, 12 subscribers!), b. good is a pretty nice option for lunch on a work day although the looseness of it’s hand-packed patties kind of creeps me out. I like a little density to my meat product.

I’m happy to say that Flat Patties in Harvard delivered just that – a less creepy but still very nice patty that I’m sure has some claim to foodie-pleasing qualities like all-natural beef or also shaped on the premises. I also really liked their burger bun, which they call a “semi-brioche.” My brother, the baker, might have more to say about optimal burger buns but I’ll leave it at it was a yummy bun that did a great job of holding in my not-so-flat patty covered in green chile and melted pepper jack. I also ordered onion rings, which were unfortunately overly greasy, and a very aromatic iced tea. I made a note of the house-made custard too, but it was a wet and cold day. If my recollection is correct, this entire meal was under $10, which makes it the best meal I’ve had in Harvard Square in terms of bang for my buck. It might just be the best meal I’ve had in Harvard Square period. Go now, seating is plentiful because of the second story.

Now I feel somewhat obligated to go to UBurger and Tasty Burger in order to improve my survey.

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