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JP’s Burger Entry: Grass Fed

June 12, 2012

I think Grass Fed on Centre St. got a glowing review in the Boston Phoenix’s Cheap Eats, which is generally enough to get my interest. I’m glad this time I had companions who were just as interested so that we could get a heaping helping of truffle fries along with our specialty burgers and to keep me company in the small space filled with high table tops and unpolished chrome chairs:

The TV wasn’t that helpful considering the sheer number of people milling about but I did appreciate the strategically placed pitches of water:

I got the oyster burger, which may have had a clever name, which I wish I had deconstructed and eaten in two parts:

The yellow substance you see fluffing out over the well-breaded fried oyster is not eggs but remoulade sauce. The remoulade was good but somewhat heavy and applied too generously to an already luscious burger.

The fries were very truffle-y but could have been fluffier. And I think that I find Parmesan on truffle oil fries to have a deadening effect on the flavors even though Parmesan and truffle oil seem to be a popular combination. Maybe it’s an aesthetic thing unduly influencing a culinary decision?

The bun was strong (although I still prefer Flat Patties’s), the oyster was fresh and delicious albeit over-dressed, and the patty was excellent although I failed to detect the difference between grass fed beef and the all-natural? pasture-raised? beef used by b.good and Flat Patties. However, all together in one sandwich, these components were a bit too much with the richness of the remoulade over-powering the surf n’ turf flavor interplay and leaving me feeling unpleasantly stuffed. I mostly blame the remoulade.


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  1. June 12, 2012 4:03 pm

    This burger looks awesome!

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