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Eating Vietnamese

June 20, 2012

Now, I know that Dorchester is the neighborhood of Vietnamese Bostonians and I have been lucky enough to have a banh mi and iced Vietnamese coffee from King Do bakery (for breakfast!). Both were fantastic, and I am sure there are many excellent pho and banh mi shops in Dorchester (because how could there not be?), but for those of us who work downtown, Chinatown is your next best bet for finding good Vietnamese.

You already know for banh mi to go to New Saigon Sandwich on Washington Street.

For pho and other noodles, I would recommend Xinh Xinh on Beach St. over the Chinatown outpost of Pho Hoa. It’s smaller, brighter, and more casual. The staff can be brusque but the food is good and cheap. And it’s great for solo dining with its cafeteria-style dining. I did go to Pho Hoa for comparison with a friend and the dark environment made things feel kind of dead inside.

My most recent meal at Xinh Xinh – I had taken photos of the food at Pho Hoa as well but now I can’t find them!

Of course, Pho Pasteur with it’s corner location at Beach and Washington and its big dining room is a default choice for all diners of Vietnamese food. They do a decent job of everything but I like smaller spaces and the food definitely comes quick at Xinh Xinh!

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