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Surveying Boston’s Food Trucks

June 27, 2012

I’ve already started thinking in terms of one month to go and Boston seems happy to send me off with heat waves, thunderstorms, and interludes of perfect summer weather. In these short stretches of blue skies and breezes, I’ve been eating from a handful of Boston’s beautiful food trucks in Dewey Square and SoWa Open Market.

BBQ Smith:

June VISTA lunch hour – my friends went to the Clover truck but I had already had Clover at their Cambridge site and I wasn’t going to pay double the price of an excellent Chinatown banh mi for fusion banh mi from the Bon Me truck. I’m sure Bon Me is very good – I saw someone else enjoy a Jamaican Jerk Chicken banh mi from them – but I like my banh mi cheap and Viet-Chinese.

I got roast pork tacos and veggie tacos. The roast pork tacos were outstanding for the generous garnish of crispy pork skin on top of succulent meat and the fresh sprig of cilantro was a super-nice touch. It’s hard to find good Mexican in Boston and I had been missing the flavors of onion and cilantro. The veggie taco was very good too – garlicky collard greens filling.

This past Sunday at SoWa, I finally hit up Roxy’s, Boston Speed Dog, and Staff Meal.

Roxy’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese:

Roxy’s is Boston’s most famous food truck, right? Competed in Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race and always boasting a long line. My friend is a fan of the Green Muenster with guac and bacon but I had admired the Mighty Rib on more than one occasion. I’m a sucker for short rib.

From the outside in: The bread is really really good, more or less the ideal of well-buttered grill-toasted white. Melted Fontina is good while it’s hot and melty but kind of off-putting when it’s cooled into cheese putty. And I actually thought it dulled the taste of the meat, which was yummy but somewhat one-dimensional in flavor. The sweet caramelized onions must have melted into the ribs because they weren’t really detected as a separate element.

While we were at SoWa, we were treated to an impressive display of aerial advertising:

I thought the hashtag was going to be “GoSun” but it was apparently “Go Sox.” Of course, this is Boston after all.

Staff Meal:

I usually find Staff Meal’s menu items to be the classiest of the food truck offerings.

I like Staff Meal’s business card:

And their fillings, if not their delivery system:

So I have a problem with this taco just like I have a problem with Boloco – do these ingredients work in a taco and/or burrito? I think I would have preferred just to have a little box of these very yummy rice with Chinese sausage and fried garlic chips and not have had to deal with trying to eat it in taco form. Also, while tacos have layers of ingredients, each individual layer should be uniform to deliver consistency of delicious and texture. This was not so well laid out so bites were uneven. Still very yummy, but the taco delivery system was unnecessary.

Boston Super Dog:

What I’ve really been craving is a snappy Chicago Dog, but a Boston Super Dog will do for now. These things were obscene:

I had mine cut in half for sharing, but I’m pretty sure just one of these bad boys measures 8-10 inches in length, and oh, almost 2-inches in diameter:

Since when does mustard on a hot dog mean honey mustard? This was very good for a jumbo sausage but it was no Chicago dog.

I should try to get some fried seafood off a Boston food truck.

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