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Last VISTA Friday

July 13, 2012

Today was our last time officially gathering as an AmeriCorps VISTA group to reflect on our work and year of service. I think it could have been more touchy-feely if we were that kind of crowd but I’m thankful that we’re mostly lighthearted and thoughtful. Our VISTA leader brought back one of my favorite professional development day activities: “Open Space Technology.” Simply put, people can propose topics for small group discussions and everyone is free to rotate between groups. Speed-conversation without the timer. We also got to read the letters we had written to ourselves at the beginning of our VISTA term and I was surprised by how I had only disappointed myself in one major way and by circumstances not so much in my control. I’m thinking about whether or not I could write more letters to my future self. I did write a (rather long) letter to a future VISTA. I hope they like it!

Our last VISTA Friday was pretty low-key and short for our very last official gathering so I went to see Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D with some friends! This was my first 3D film! Glasses on top of glasses is kind of annoying and tickled the bridge of my nose. I agree with the NY Times that the movie didn’t really need/exploit the 3D effect very much and I wish we could have saved $5 and went to a conventional screening. However, our 3D glasses were Katy Perry collectibles (we recycled them anyways). The movie was great! Katy Perry in hi-def, her half-humorous, half-alarming Pentecostal upbringing complete with preacher parents explained, front row concert tour seats to her most recent big hits, really cute moments with all her fans, young to old, and pretty solid editing and storytelling of the rise and collapse of her marriage. I did have a 3D hangover. And I did buy, Teenage Dream – The Complete Confection once I got home.

Thanks to The Braiser linking me to Ottavia Bourdain’s (horrifying) diet, I’m going to take a shot at a food diary.


Breakfast – warmed white rice, Mom’s pickled kelp, sunny-side down egg, sprinkling of soy sauce. 1 slice of whole wheat toast. At VISTA Friday, 3 Dunkin Donuts munchkins. Small coffee, two creams, no sugar.

Lunch – VISTA potluck. Big dollop of Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Chicken dip. Tortilla chips. Pasta salad. Tabbouleh. Beet salad. Polar Pomegranate Seltzer.

Afternoon snack – 1 mini Heath bar.

Dinner – Big slice of sausage pizza from Express in the North End.

I may have a Whole Foods coconut Popsicle bar before bed. Maybe. Depends on how late I stay up.

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  1. July 13, 2012 10:37 pm

    I think writing more letters to your future self is a great idea. Maybe I will take it up too!

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