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Saturday Food Diary

July 16, 2012

Recurring theme of this week: 6:30AM wake-up.

Definitely not hungry yet but I can saute that big bag of spinach that’s started to look a little bruised. Just some Earl Grey for now.

There are also two little pork cutlets defrosting in the fridge. Cook the spinach with EVOO and red chili pepper flakes. Cut the pork into medallions and combine with rehydrated shittake mushrooms. It’s now 8:30AM – I like to use the computer and cook at the same time, the days of micro-managing my cooking are over – and my stomach is back online and this pork smells fantastic.

First, portions of everything go into my lunch containers for Monday and Tuesday. Then I eat a bowl of wilted spinach, pork with mushrooms, and a little bit of white rice. My Pandora stations are all missing their marks this morning.

Grab a quick lunch of cold cut banh mi and a teriyaki chicken box lunch for me and dad from my favorite Saigon Sandwich Shop for after our dentist appointment.

Dinner is at a new place for us – Uncle Cheung(‘s) in Framingham. Shanghai-style duck. Stinky tofu with chili sauce. Fantastic rice cakes with pork and cabbage. XO sauce fish fillets. Salt and pepper calamari. Kidney stir-fry. A little bit of white rice.

Late night snacking in the gazebo by the lake – American attempt at Chinese sausage in a hot dog bun. Not bad. Even better is the tasty dark rum in ginger ale with a dash of lime. I could go for a real Dark ‘n Stormy.

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