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Sunday-Monday food diaries

July 16, 2012

There was so much eating on Sunday even as I did a whole lot of other stuff, like help my bestie do day 2 of her yard sale and sell off junk.

Sunday morning starter- 1 bowl mung bean soup

Morning snacking – 1 bite of egg-avocado sandwich, cooked with coconut oil, more bites of avocado, couple slices of watermelon, 1 grilled hotdog with spicy mustard, handfuls of tortilla chips

Lunch – big plate of Spanish rice with Mexican cheese sprinkled on top, blue corn tortilla chips, 1 small plate of spinach salad

Dinner – oh my gosh, dried vegetable and daikon radish soup, pork leg cooked two ways, steamed fish, ribeye steak, stuffed bitter melon…there was probably more but I have forgotten. So full!

Dessert – Honest Tea Lemon Tulsi


Monday – apartment felt like an oven at at 7:30AM. Had a small bowl of last night’s soup.

Lunch – sauteed spinach, white rice, and pork medallions

Dinner – another small bowl of soup, satay cabbage noodles, pork leg chunks cooked with fresh bamboo shoots, wood ear, and spiced pressed tofu

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  1. Gaila Peterson permalink
    July 17, 2012 7:24 am

    Wow, you did have a load of food in your Sunday! I just have a grilled chicken with parsley in my dinner and a honey lemon tulsi tea which I got from Can I ask you if you had a pure grinded tulsi or the same tulsi I had?

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