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About Me

“Not just nice, but necessary” is the value proposition I received from Atlantic Regional Director Mal Coles at my AmeriCorps VISTA swearing-in ceremony in regards to public service. It’s certainly a good criterion by which to evaluate the year that I will be spending in Boston as a development specialist for Boston Public Schools Welcome Services, a position in which I hope to advance the capacity-building and ultimately poverty-fighting goals of this relatively new office.

But there is more to examine than just the merits of AmeriCorps in particular and public service in general. “Not just nice, but necessary” is an assessment that I would like to see apply to my whole experience of a year of service between college and law school. And having such a criterion in mind at the beginning of this year will remind me to look for the lessons and value in everything I do throughout my time in Boston.


My name is Cissy Huang. I graduated with a B.A. (Laws, Letters, & Society) from the University of Chicago in 2011. I am originally from central Mass but love the city of Chicago. This blog will feature photos of delicious meals.

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